Valisia Odell is one of the most dynamic and recognizable figures of the Greek dark electro / minimal wave music scene. Her distinct deep and penetrating voice along with her characteristic looks create a mysterious and eccentric performer like no other. Her onstage presence has been praised by the media as intense, explosive, hypnotizing and commanding, resulting in a seductive experience. Furthermore, she has been DJing for many years. She is a dynamic selector who prides herself on her extensive knowledge of music and dark dance floors. Her name is synonymous with minimal wave and dark wave. She is a fashion designer and one half of the fashion brand 2WO+1NE=2.  She believes that music and fashion really go hand in hand and that somehow music gives a voice to fashion. Valisia is currently working on her first solo album which will retain her identifiable dark essence, combined with an electro-dance mood. She loves anything that is surrounded by mystery, from gothic novels to the mysteries of life. 


Height: 184

Bust Size: 90

Waist Size: 66

Hips Size: 96

Shoe Size: 42.0

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: brown

Musician/ DJ

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